There was once a time that motorists could most likely fix minor breakdowns on their vehicles on the roadside and get going again but sadly with the advancement of modern technology those days have passed.

Breaking down on some of the roads just outside Milton Keynes on the way to Bedford, Northampton and even the M1 can be a little daunting. We can provide roadside assistance to get you out of a tight spot should you need it, out vehicles are equipped to handle general roadside breakdowns and we’ll do our best to get you back on your way, if we are unable to provide the level of roadside assistance needed then we can tow your vehicle to a designated workshop or back to our own fully equipped garage in Newport Pagnell.

Roadside assistance isn’t limited to a vehicle breakdown, if you’re stuck in the mud, we can pull you out, missed a tight bend and slipped down one of the many ditches along the Bedford, Northampton and Buckinghamshire roads, we can winch you out give your car a quick check over and send you on your way.